Active environmental commitment forms an elementary part of our corporate policy. As a traditional company, the responsible handling of materials plays a naturally inherent role in our business operations. Right from the initial product idea, we pay attention to environmental protection as well as human health, aligning our actions to the national and European environmental regulations.

MAS Trailer practices sustainable business operations by handling resources with care, reinforcing a recycling mentality and – as an energy-intensive company – by paying particular attention to energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

For example, we take back all the chips and scrap material generated at our customers’ sites and reintroduce them to the production process. This not only protects valuable raw materials, but also leads to significant energy savings.

In our production processes, we pay attention to avoiding waste – even in the case of auxiliary and operating materials. If waste is unavoidable, we focus our efforts on recycling the material.

Recycling protects our environment and thereby contributes to maintaining the basis of life and a functioning ecosystem.