About Us

Working with the aim to become a reliable company, our company maintains product and service quality at the highest level in order to bring the principle into the corporate culture.

Giving importance to R&D, our company certified its quality with the quality documents and certificates. Our products have ISO 9001: 2008 certificates.

Our Company, having the necessary team and equipment to fullfill the commitments on time and perfectly, aims to offer the best product and increase the customer satisfaction.

We take justified pride of our “MAS TRAILER TANKER” labeled products around the world.

The satisfaction of our customers whom we delivered our products is our happiness.

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Human Resources Policy

* Our company ensure efficient working environment to provide a safe proud of our employees,
* Provide continuing education and self-development opportunities for our employees
* Ensure to protection for tangible and intangible rights of our Employees
* Good employees career planning and maximize their potential
* To implement a transparent and open top management policy
* Targeting the continuously development and improve our human resources policy
* To ensure equality of opportunity and protection among employees in all areas
* Human Resources Policy is adopted and it is implementing

ISO 9001: 2008

TSE ISO 9001: 2008


Industry Registration